The table below lists sources of information for the history of Didcot and the surrounding area.


The Long Years of Obscurity. A History of Didcot, Volume One - to 1841. Brian Lingham (1979)
Railway Comes to Didcot: A History of the Town (Volume 2) - 1839 to 1918. Brian Lingham (1992)
A Poor Struggling Little Town: A History of Didcot (Volume 3) - 1918 to 1945. Brian Lingham (2000)
Around Didcot and the Hagbournes in old photographs - Brian Lingham (1990)
Changing Face of Didcot: A Photographic Record Covering the Past One Hundred Years - Brian Lingham & M J Hall (1977)
Didcot documents, Vol 1, Wills and inventories, 1530-1851, ed and transcribed by B. Lingham & J. Cormier (2002)
Didcot´s Heroes Remembered - Richard Polley & Clare Wolley (2009)

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